Rental policy: This policy stipulates the terms and conditions  which all persons  who
agree to rent accept responsibility for. All renters are required to acknowledge that they
have read and understand the terms of this rental policy

  • Use of the premises: All renters shall agree that they intend to use the premises
    solely for their own use and the use of their guests who will be residing on the
    property. The renter also agrees to treat the property responsibly and with proper
    care. The total number of occupants shall not exceed 6 people per cottage without
    the express written permission of the owner prior to the renters arrival. If the renter
    intends to entertain a group larger than 6 people anywhere on the property, the
    renter is required to inform the owner of such intent at the time of reservation is
    made. Violation of this condition could result in eviction from the property. Under no
    circumstances, shall any part of the property be used for entertaining large groups
    exceeding 6 people per cottage even if only for 1 day or evening without prior
    consent from the owner in advance of the renters arrival

  • Reservations are confirmed upon receipt of deposit
  • Deposit equal to 50%of the rental amount is required on all reservations. This
    deposits serves as a commitment to rent for a given period.
  • Cancellations: A reservation can be cancelled 120 days prior to the arrival date and
    receive a refund. A cancellation fee of $125.00 or 20% of rental amount, which ever
    is greater will apply. Canceled reservations without proper notice will result in
    forfeiture of the entire deposit.
  • Rental amounts are prepaid. Total rental amount is due 30 days prior to arrival date
    by check. If the rental amount is not received on or prior to this 30 day period the
    rental is subject to cancellation and forfeiture of the deposit.
  • Maintenance: The West Wind Cottages undergoes continuous maintenance and
    improvements throughout the year with most major work taking place during the late
    fall through early spring months.  Under normal circumstances, repairs and
    improvements are not scheduled during a renters stay or dates between Memorial
    Day and Labor Day.  However occasions may exist where some work may need to
    be performed while a renter is present.  In such cases we make every effort not to
    intrude on the renters privacy or to inconvenience them unless absolutely necessary.
    While the owners have made every concerted effort to provide fully functional and
    maintained mechanical systems,  we do not warrant the mechanical systems or
    appliances on the cottages.  In the event of a mechanical failure we will make every
    effort to repair failures as quickly as possible. Our policy is not to refund or adjust
    rates for mechanical failure, but to respond quickly when notified of a problem or
    concern in an attempt to avoid any inconvenience.
  • No Pets Please (Suggest Happy Trails Pet Resort @ 989-727-8031)

  • No Tents
  • 6 People per cottage, unless prior arrangements with management have been made.
    $100.00/person per week.
  • Please supervise your children at all times
  • Please observe 10PM as quiet time
  • Check in time after 1PM, Check out time 10AM Sharp
  • Please do not feed or touch the wildlife.
  • Tuesdays are trash pick-up days. Please compact all boxes & plastic containers.
    Please take your garbage to the south side of parking lot. Seal it in the appropriate
  • Please help ensure a litter free grounds by properly disposing of all trash including
    cigarette butts
  • Please do not put grease or food down the kitchen drains. Do not flush paper towels,
    tampons etc.., down the drains
  • Please clean out row boats after each use.
  • Please return all property of West Winds to the same location and condition as was
    found prior to use. This includes but not limited to: row boats, kitchen ware, chairs,
  • No horseplay, pushing or shoving on docks or raft.
  • Docks Absolutely are not to be used for mooring boats. Please use anchors
    provided in the lake, designated by floating makers.
  • Watercraft's, please observe 100' no wake zone to the nearest dock
  • Row boats in use must have life jackets for all.
  • The cottages are exceptionally clean for you. We have clean cottages and would like
    to keep them that way, upon departure please leave them clean!
  • Have a nice vacation!
248-609-7808 or 989-727-2816
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West Wind Cottages on the Shores of Beautiful
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